Buddha Tonpa Shenrap’s Fifth Deed: The Deed of Marriage

During the time that the Buddha Tonpa Shenrap Miwoche was teaching his many disciples the Four Doors of Bon and the Fifth which is the Treasury, the King of Ho Mo Yul along with his entourage came to invite the Teacher to his country.  Not having finished the teaching, the Buddha was unable to accept the king’s invitation.  However, he sent one of his three main disciples as an emissary.  The disciple, Yikyi Khyechung, returned to Ho Mo Yul with the king.  Arriving, both humans and non-humans came to pay their respect and to receive teachings.  Then, Yikyi Khyechung took up the life of an ascetic and retreated to a cave to meditate. After a time, the queen of Ho Mo Yul was struck with a violent illness.  A diviner was consulted and she informed the king and queen that only the Buddha Tonpa Shenrap could cure the illness.  The king returned to the Buddha in person and requested his help.  Having finished his current teachings, the Buddha went to the country of Ho Mo Yul and cured the queen of her illness.  The grateful queen offered her daughter, Hoza Gyalme ma, as a bride for Tonpa Shenrap. Previously, the god Indra had implored the Buddha to take a wife so that he might have children to continue his lineage.  At that time, the Wise, Loving Mother of all of the buddhas, Sherap Chamma, emanated ten different manifestations of herself as princesses in royal households so that Buddha Tonpa Shenrap could accept them as wives.  In this way, Hoza Gyalme ma was the first of these ten manifestations of Yum Chen Sherap Chamma.

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  1. Wow….that’s so cool. Thanks. love, ida

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