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Uplifting Auspiciousness & Good Fortune

His Eminence Menri Ponlop Yangton Thrinley Nyima Rinpoche offering lungta papers to the sky during a ritual to increase good fortune. Photo credit: Unknown

“Having produced within my mind-stream a lack of desire or attachment towards this world, toward friends or enemies, towards material things or property and wealth; and having liberated the knots of greediness regarding subject and object, may I abide in the state of the unmoving, nature of mind!”    

—From the book Indestructible: The Longevity Practice of Tséwang Rikdzin. 

Lama Tséwang Rikdzin was born a human being as one of the twin sons of Lama Drenpa Namkha. But having realized the ultimate result of his practice and thereby transcending cyclic existence, he purified all obscurations and perfected all positive qualities and became an enlightened being. In this way, Lama Tséwang Rikdzin came to be practiced as a yidam deity. Although there are many longevity practices within the Yungdrung Bön religious tradition, the practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin has become the longevity practice most commonly performed.

To learn more about the book:

Tibetan translation: Raven Cypress Wood ©All Rights Reserved. No content, in part or in whole, is allowed to be used without direct permission from the author.

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Developing Knowledge & Wisdom

White emanation of Mawé Senge, Lion of Exposition.

After the Tibetan New Year celebrations, students at Menri Monastery in India enter into an intensive retreat to cultivate the qualities of the wisdom deity Mawé Senge, Lion of Exposition. This retreat begins on the 24th lunar day of the 1st month and concludes on the 30th lunar day. In 2019, these dates coincide with February 28th through March 6th on the Western calendar. The intention of this retreat is to develop and sharpen the student’s intellect related to their upcoming studies. The practice of Mawé Senge is performed many times each day and the mantra of the deity is recited as much as possible throughout the retreat, but at least a minimum of 100,000 recitations are completed.

“I go for refuge to the wisdom deity for the intellect.

I generate the supreme mind for the benefit of vigorous training in the highest wisdom.

Having compassionately purified all karmic obscurations without exception,

please bestow the attainments of an increased intellect, useful knowledge, and a divine voice.”  

—From The Short Practice of Mawé Senge. Tibetan translation: Raven Cypress Wood

Raven Cypress Wood ©All Rights Reserved. No content, in part or in whole, is allowed to be used without direct permission from the author.

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Anniversary of the Human Birth of Lord Tönpa Shenrap Miwoche

Lord Tonpa Shenrap Miwoche. Photo credit: Khedup Gyatso.

The 15th day of the 12th lunar month, January 21, 2019 on the Western calendar is the 18,036th birth anniversary of the founder of the Yungdrung Bön tradition, the Enlightened Lord Tönpa Shenrap Miwo Künlé Nampar Gyalwa.  Already an enlightened being, Lord Tönpa Shenrap Miwoche chose to be born into this world in order to guide beings from suffering to liberation.  He was born into the royal Mu lineage in the kingdom of Tazig Olmo Lungring.

Traditionally, the anniversary of his birth has been celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st month of the lunar calendar.  However, based upon research by the renowned Yungdrung Bön scholar and supreme lama, His Eminence Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, the actual date is believed to be the Full Moon day of the last month in the Tibetan lunar calendar.  This is a powerful and auspicious day for performing virtue or spiritual practice.  The benefits of these activities are greatly multiplied.

“King of Teachers, and the glorious guide through cyclic existence, you are the illuminating light that overcomes all darkness.

A primary medicine that removes the torment of the illness of ignorance, you are the king of the Mu clan, an extraordinary being who took human form.

With an army of immense fire that dries up the ocean and mire of the five poisons, you are a luminous holy man who possesses the special marks and characteristics.

Having undertaken a multitude of hardships, you completed a multitude of activities. Through both the four valid means of cognition and the six valid thoughts, and with great loving kindness, you liberate the migrating beings within cyclic existence.

I prostrate to the manifestation of wisdom, Tönpa Shenrap!”

This Praise and Homage for the Compassionate Teacher was composed by the great Lama Drenpa Namkha and is extracted from “The Definitive Meaning of the Lamp that Dispels the Darkness.”

Tibetan translation by Raven Cypress Wood

Raven Cypress Wood ©All Rights Reserved. No content, in part or in whole, is allowed to be used without direct permission from the author.

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May Everyone have a Mandala of Good Fortune!

Yungdrung Bon chorten in Dolpo, Nepal established by Geshe Nyima Kunchap Rinpoche.


May there be an immeasurable mandala of good fortune,

incredibly beautiful and pleasing, wonderful, and stunning to look upon,

where the five elements are spontaneously perfected and free from destruction and disintegration!”

Excerpt from the book, Indestructible, The Longevity Practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin by Raven Cypress Wood

Link to the book:

Lama Think of Me!

His Eminence Menri Ponlop Yangton Trinley Nyima Rinpoche. Photo credit: Unknown


With the devotion of my body, speech and mind, I pray to the essence of the three Enlightened Bodies, the kind root lama.

Please bestow upon me right now the realization of my own enlightened mind and the meaning of the view, realization and behavior.

May I recognize my natural mind, without modification and free of extremes.

May I recognize the brilliantly clear power of the wisdom of self-awareness.

May the many kinds of unceasing mental perceptions arise as self-appearances.

May I recognize my own enlightened mind, I pray.

Bless me that I may see my true face!

Bless me that self-awareness will arise for me!

Bless me to recognize my own true nature!

Bless me to see my own enlightened mind!

Lama, think of me!  Lama, think of me! Lama, think of me! 

Hold me, and all other sentient beings, in your compassion, I pray! 

Protect us with your compassion, I pray! 

Lead us with your compassion, I pray!

A Powa Prayer written by Lord Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen and included in his Kalong Gyatso, An Ocean of Instructions. Translation by Raven Cypress Wood ©2015 All Rights Reserved.

In the Language of Zhang Zhung: MU RA TA HEN

The Zhang Zhung language was a written and spoken language which predates the Tibetan language. In ancient times, the Yungdrung Bön scriptures were translated from Zhang Zhung into Tibetan, as well as many other language such as Chinese and Sanskrit.

There remains examples of the Zhang Zhung language throughout the texts. This Zhang Zhung language reference to Tönpa Shenrap Miwo, Buddha and founder of the Yungdrung Bön religious tradition, occurs twice within the commonly practiced one hundred syllable mantra.

The Indestructible Yungdrung Bön

Yungdrung Bon monks performing a ritual. Photo credit: Unknown.

“Like the sun rising at dawn, through uncontrollable power, may the teachings of Yungdrung Bön spread!”

From A Storehouse of Treasure, The Main Practice of Blue Dzambhala

Translation: Raven Cypress Wood

Removing Obstacles from the Path: Gift Translation

The wisdom deity, Shenlha Ökar, embodies all of the perfected qualities and represents the unification of all lamas.


Within the Yungdrung Bön tradition, the practice of the Bar Che Lam Sel, or Removing Obstacles from the Path, is a powerful method for removing any kind of obstacle being experienced by the practitioner. From the notation within the text,

By reciting this “Spontaneous Wish-fulfillment of Removing Obstacles from the Path” a single time, obstacles of an entire year are pacified. By reciting it one hundred times, obstacles of one lifetime are pacified.” 

One does not need transmission or instruction in order to recite this prayer. However, if the practitioner is able to receive the oral transmission from a qualified Yungdrung Bön lama, the benefit of the prayer is greatly multiplied. Making a commitment to recite the prayer before a sacred image or shrine, and then fulfilling that commitment, increases the power of the practice by virtue of having fulfilled a sacred commitment. The prayer can be recited at any time, but especially during any experience of problems or obstacles, when starting a business or important endeavor, and during an astrologically calculated “obstacle year” which, according to Tibetan astrology, occurs during the ages of 1, 9, 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73 and 81. The prayer can also be taken as a daily practice, or recited for the benefit of others and dedicated to their release from obstacles.

This translation is offered to all Yungdrung Bön practitioners for their personal use. A link to download the pdf can be found at the end of this article. May we all be free from obstacles and have positive circumstances that support our continual spiritual practice and development!

The Google Doc link below will provide access to download the pdf of the translation.


May Everyone have Success and Prosperity!

Within the Yungdrung Bön religious tradition, the powerful wealth deities act to protect and increase the success, wealth, merit, health, and positive circumstances of Yungdrung Bön practitioners. Kubera, also known as Blue Dzambhala or Dzam Ngön, is one of these wealth deities. Along with propitiation and mantra recitation, Kubera is offered sang, smoke purification and offering, in the morning, and torma in the evening.

“In the midst of a mound of many kinds of wish-fulfilling jewels, and seated upon a magically emanated turquoise-colored horse, is the miraculously born Kubera.  His body is a brilliant, dark-blue color.  He wears a helmet of crystal upon his head, and a coat of armor upon his body.  In his right hand, he lifts a golden sword that rains down precious things, and clears away obstacles for Bön practitioners.  In his left hand, he holds a mongoose.  From the mouth of the mongoose, precious jewels overflow and come forth. Without exception, he clears away the suffering and misery of poverty for all sentient beings.  Above his right and left shoulders, two iron hawks soar and circle overhead.  Two tigers leap in front of him, and behind, two lions run.  His inner retinue consists of one hundred-thousand deities who resemble him, and his outer retinue consists of millions of deities who surround him.”

~From A Storehouse of Treasure, the Main Practice of Blue Dzambhala

According to the Yungdrung Bön religious calendar, the lunar dates each month that are specified for Kubera propitiation and practice are: 4, 8, 11, 13, 15,17, 27, and 30.

Tibetan translation by Raven Cypress Wood ©2015 All Rights Reserved

Offering Light

“So that I, and all other sentient beings without exception, may purify obscurations, perfect the accumulations, and look upon the divine face of the deity, I present this victory banner of butter lamps to the assembly of external and internal peaceful and wrathful deities who have gone beyond bliss.

Performing mainly for our kind mothers and fathers, who are the sentient beings within the three realms of cyclic existence, and with compassion for those in the realm of the bardo, having purified all negative actions, karmic potentialities and defilements, may they be liberated from the places within the six realms of cyclic existence!  May they reach the Five Families of Those who have gone beyond bliss!”

From Raising a Victory Banner of Butter Lamps found within The Tantra of the Assembly of Peaceful and Wrathful Deities.

Tibetan translation by Raven Cypress Wood ©2017

New Book Announcement


~Essence mantra of the deity of longevity, Lama Tséwang Rikdzin

In the Yungdrung Bön tradition, the longevity practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin is foremost among the many longevity practices within the religious tradition. Indestructible: The Longevity Practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin by Raven Cypress Wood contains the English translation of the longevity practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin from the Tséwang Jarima Chok Dü scripture. From the foreword written by Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche:

“The wisdom of Tséwang Rikdzin and the practices associated with this teaching can help us retrieve, extend, and enhance our life force: healing environmental, physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances in our lives. Strengthening and extending our lifespan provides more time for our spiritual development and for serving and benefiting other sentient beings.”

The Tibetan syllable NI, the syllable of a human being, and support for the vital life force. Calligraphy by Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

Lama Tséwang Rikdzin is the embodiment of the Five Buddha Families and can therefore bestow any quality or wisdom that is needed.  In this particular practice, the attainment of longevity, physical health, vitality, and a complete and healthy soul are emphasized.

“Lama Tséwang Rikdzin is a tülku whose heart emanations are sent forth throughout the ten directions. He has power over longevity and protects the lifespan and prosperity of all practitioners.”

Excerpt from ‘Indestructible: The Longevity Practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin”

This book is suitable for both those familiar and those unfamiliar with the practice. It includes information regarding the Yungdrung Bön religious tradition, Lama Tséwang Rikdzin, and the root text which contains the longevity practice. The book is available as a hardback edition with color images and text, or a black and white paperback edition.  It can purchased through the Sacred Sky Press online store at:

“We pray for the mending of all of our lifespan that has been torn.

We pray to be reunited with all of our lifespan that has been separated from us.

We pray for all of our lifespan that has been dispersed to be gathered back together.

May our prosperity and our lifespan be deathless and indestructible!”

Excerpt from ‘Indestructible: The Longevity Practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin”

The Thirteen Bön Activities

Offering prostrations before His Eminence Menri Ponlop Yangton Thrinley Nyima Rinpoche. Photo credit: Lee Hartline.

The Thirteen Bön Activities:

  1. Writing the syllables
  2. Reading sacred books
  3. Reciting the scriptures
  4. Turning the wheel of Bön
  5. Presenting offerings and prostrations
  6. Stopping ordinary speech and maintaining silence
  7. Reflecting upon the meaning of the words
  8. Listening to the sacred teachings for one’s self
  9. Teaching the sacred teachings for others
  10. Meditating upon the actual meaning
  11. Practicing towards a goal
  12. Exerting one’s self in performing virtuous activity
  13. Exerting one’s self with the causes to obtain a precious human body

Engaging with these activities is a practice of the two accumulations of merit and wisdom.

Homage to the Greatly Kind Lama!

His Holiness 34th Menri Trizin Rinpoche.

The Three Jewels are the infallible, constant place of refuge.

The Mother and Son are the single refuge from the prevalence of the five degenerations*.

Sidpé Gyalmo is the supreme mother, protector of the teachings.

Greatly kind Lama, embodiment of all of the Victorious Ones, think of me!

I pray single-pointedly that my wish for all obstacles to be removed will be perfectly accomplished!

~Composed by the 20th century saint and Yungdrung Bön lama, Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche

Translation from the Tibetan by Raven Cypress Wood ©2016

* The Five Degenerations: 1) Degeneration of time due to strife, 2) Degeneration of the life-span, 3) Degeneration of the body, mind and speech of sentient beings, 4) Degeneration of the afflictive emotions due to the five poisons, and 5) Degeneration of the view due to erroneous views and misconceptions.

Presenting Offerings and Accumulating Merit

The Thousand Offerings to Nampar Gyalwa. Photo credit: Raven Cypress Wood

To all Those who have gone beyond bliss and their retinues,

who have the nature of the unborn and unceasing sky

and who have the un-arisen characteristics of the natural state of the mind,

with their countless, billions of emanations,

each unwavering from the ultimate state of great bliss,

and inexpressible beyond visualization and recitation,

prostrating and praising,

I present these offerings to You!

~ Excerpt from Presenting the Five Offerings.

Translated from the Tibetan by Raven Cypress Wood ©2017 All Rights Reserved

Receiving Blessings on the 49th Day

Placard handed out at Menri Monastery on the occasion of HH 33rd Menri Trizen’s cremation. Photo credit: Raven Cypress Wood

November 4th, 2017, the full moon day of the 9th Tibetan month, will mark the 49th day since the passing into liberation of His Holiness 33rd Menri Trizen Lungtok Tenpa’i Nyima Rinpoche. Although His Holiness has liberated and therefore has no need for traveling through the experience of the six realms of cyclic existence in the bardo, these 49 days are marked as an auspicious time to make offerings and perform virtue in order to generate powerful benefit for both ourselves and others. For ordinary beings who have died, we make offerings and perform ritual in order to support them. In this case, we make offerings and perform ritual to generate merit which we dedicate for the benefit of all suffering beings. This is also a powerful time to connect with the presence of His Holiness, receive his blessings, renew commitments made to him, and to remember the teachings and guidance that he offered.

At Menri Monastery in Dolanji, India the prayer Offerings for the Lama has been recited regularly since the passing of His Holiness 33rd Menri Trizen Rinpoche. This prayer will be one of the prayers offered on the 49th day. It is also appropriate to offer butter lamps or candles, perform the prayer specific for His Holiness, perform guru yoga emphasizing the presence of His Holiness, or abide in the natural state of the mind.

Butter lamp offerings at Menri Monastery. Photo credit: Menri Monastery

Offerings for the Lama


Within a completely pure and unchanging manifested realm,

is the spiritual master, the essence of the Enlightened Ones of the three times.

In order for the migrating beings of the six realms to cross the ocean of cyclic existence,

please remain seated upon the jeweled throne, on faultless cushions of a radiant lotus, sun and moon

within an unsurpassed palace of the immeasurable three places.





To the lama who is the embodiment of all of the Victors and spiritual masters,

who acts principally through the accomplishment of Bön for sentient beings who are as limitless as the sky,

I offer prostrations with my body,

prostrating with my arms, legs and head!

I prostrate with my speech,

chanting with a joyous and inspired melody!

I prostrate with my mind,

prostrating with single-pointed motivation and devotion!

May the negative actions and defilements of my three doors become purified!



Admission of Wrongdoing and Purification

Before a supreme object of refuge, in the presence of my principal lama,

from the beginning until today,

I admit my actions of wrongdoing and non-virtue.

I admit corrupting the three vows and defiling the promises that I’ve made.

I admit my pretension even though not understanding the nature of mind.

Please bestow complete purification and the supreme attainment!





To the great, unmatched lama possessing characteristics,

I present unequaled external, internal, and secret offerings.

Externally, I offer the environment and the beings within it.

Furthermore, I offer my own body and its vitality as an ornament.

I present these offerings with non-attachment.

Internally, I offer the arising of my mental and physical aggregates.

I offer my accumulated realization that whatever arises as a subject and object is illusory.

Furthermore, I present these offerings within the vast space of self-liberation.

Secretly, I offer the natural radiance of my unborn mind,

which is unceasing, and understands whatever arises as enlightened manifestation and wisdom.

Furthermore, I present these offerings within a completely vast and all-pervasive space.



The Five Offerings


Free from extremes and unchanging is the container of my mind.

Free from elaborations, I establish the wick of great self-liberation.

I fill the lamp of authentic, completely pervasive great bliss.

To the One who has characteristics, I present this butter lamp to look upon with the eye.

This unmoving and naturally clear incense burner

is filled with the non-grasping, radiantly clear light of pure incense.

The fresh and continuous smoke permeates everywhere.

I present this incense to the Protector of beings.

This unfabricated and self-clear water offering bowl

is filled with unobstructed, playfully self-arising offering water.

Including various ornaments of non-attachment such as nectar and medicine,

I present this offering water for the enjoyment of the Dimension of great kindness.

The primordial Buddha of the conch shell of the mind

is filled with manifested experience and realization like the utpal flower.

Radiating the wonderful light of spontaneously benefitting others,

I present this flower of enlightened activity to the Heart of great kindness.



Praise of the Enlightened State


At the crown of my head, the changeless palace of great bliss,

abides the state of Künzang, completely equipoised and free from extremes.

I pray to the dimension of the Bön lamas,

please hold the migrating beings of the six realms in your compassion and loosen the mind-stream!

At the neck, the space of the palace of Ogmin,

are the peaceful and wrathful deities who have the major and minor characteristics.

I pray to the dimension of lamas of the Dzok ku,

please hold the migrating beings of the six realms in your compassion and loosen the mind-stream!

At the center of the heart

is the realm of the manifested subduer of migrating beings,

the One who teaches whatever is needed and performs a variety of enlightened activity.

I pray to the dimension of manifested Lamas,

please hold the migrating beings of the six realms in your compassion and loosen the mind-stream!

To the collective of all the victorious Lamas who have the endowments of leisure and fortune,

who teach the entire collection of scripture with completely pure speech,

who have the extensive wisdom of knowledge and kindness, and a mind free from elaboration,

who protect migrating beings like their own children with the exalted qualities that arise,

and who have spontaneous enlightened activity as limitless as the sky,

I pray to these unrivalled Lamas,

please hold the migrating beings of the six realms in your compassion and loosen the mind-stream!

I pray to Those who are unrivaled and who have perfected the Three Bodies,

please hold the migrating beings of the six realms in your compassion and loosen the mind-stream!

I pray to Those whose speech is an ornament of the world,

please hold the migrating beings of the six realms in your compassion and loosen the mind-stream!

I pray to Those who blaze like the incomparable udum flower,

please hold the migrating beings of the six realms in your compassion and loosen the mind-stream!

I pray to Those who are free of defilements and have the two kinds of knowledge,

please hold the migrating beings of the six realms in your compassion and loosen the mind-stream!


Receiving the Accomplishments

You, my Lama, who has brought cyclic existence and nirvana under your power,

I, and your other followers, pray

please bestow benefits that are as limitless as the sky to migrating beings!

Please grant our wishes to be continuously without separation from your presence!

Continuously hold us with your unequalled compassion!


Aspiration Prayer

Until I obtain complete enlightenment,

not born into a negative place,

may I obtain a body of renunciation with the advantages of the leisures and fortunes.

Having practiced the three trainings and loosened the mind stream, and having traveled the paths and the grounds,

from the state of complete Buddhahood,

may I accomplish benefit that is equal to the vastness of the sky!

Translated from the Tibetan by Raven Cypress Wood on the occasion of the passing of His Holiness 33rd Menri Trizen Lungtok Tenpa’i Nyima Rinpoche

Raven Cypress Wood ©2017 All Rights Reserved. No other distribution or publication allowed.


Tséwang’s Precious Mala of Meaningful Aspiration Prayers

In response to the passing of HH 33rd Menri Trizen Rinpoche, I am providing this aspiration prayer for the Yungdrung Bön community to recite.  I apologize that it is currently only in the English language.  Although I am providing it for everyone’s use, please respect my copyright and do not publish or distribute.  However, share the link to this page.  What follows is the translation of the Tibetan.  The portion that is to be recited is within quotation marks.

Now, this “Precious Mala of Meaningful Aspiration Prayers”, words from the mouth of Tséwang, was composed within the meditation cave of Tong Gyung on the island within Lake Namtso  The oral transmission was given to the shepherd, Rikpa Rangshar himself, and is for the benefit of many life-times.

“At the crown of my head, upon a throne of a sun, moon, and lotus, is a divine gathering of lamas, enlightened beings and yidams.  I meditate steadfastly upon the assembly of the three supports, the shenrap lamas, buddhas and bodhisattvas, whose bodies are radiant and made of light.

(Say this in order to confidently generate devotion towards that divine assembly of refuge.)


From within an infinite realm of completely pure space, is the divine assembly of lamas, enlightened beings, and yidams;

and an assembly of the three supports: the shenrap lamas, buddhas and bodhisattvas.

Although they are never separate from the space of self-nature,

I, and all other sentient beings pray to the lama seated upon a lotus throne at the crown of the head, please hold us with your compassion.

I, and all other sentient beings respectfully prostrate to all these powerfully wise and compassionate places of refuge.

I openly admit and confess my non-virtuous and negative activities.

I present the external world along with its internal contents as a pleasing offering. Please bestow the supreme attainment of non-conceptual wisdom.

Whatever acts of virtue that I have done during the three times,

I dedicate completely for the welfare of all sentient beings who are as pervasive as the sky.

May all beings realize the true nature of their own mind!


Wise and compassionate places of refuge abiding in un-manifested space,

please pay heed to me and listen without missing anything.  Because I offer this aspirational prayer of devotion,

Accordingly, I pray that what I have asked will be accomplished.

Now, may I obtain a pure human body in order to reach to the limit of virtuous activity of my three doors.

Having cleansed all defilements of the conceptual mind,

May non-conceptual wisdom arise within my mind-stream!

Having pacified all obstacles of virtue and all adverse circumstances,

May I accomplish all my wishes and complete the ten virtues!

Having spread the teachings and lived a long time,

May I benefit all sentient beings who come into contact with me!

When the great time of impermanence arrives at the moment of death,

May the illness and pain of the body be pacified, And having cleared away the clouded visions of dullness and lethargy,

May unobscured, unimpeded innate self-awareness appear!

Because of hope, may I not have desire and attachment towards performing the deluded activities in this world!

Having completely pacified terror, misery, and the afflictive emotions,

May I abide in the unmoving state of the natural mind!

When fear arises in this mass of flesh and bones, this illusory body,

And deluded visions arise from the five lights,

Having recognized them as a magical display of the mind, the self’s expressive energy,

May I liberate to the five Enlightened Bodies and the five wisdoms!

When the life-force has come together into the center of the consciousness,

Having liberated the deluded visions of sound, light, and rays into themselves,

And having recognized the three Enlightened Bodies,

May I escape from the deluded vision of the narrow passageway of the bardo!

Having sent out the essence of the natural mind, which has the characteristics of AH, from the central, dark-blue channel of bliss,

And having dissolved into the dimension of Küntu Zangpo at the crown of my head,

May I become perfectly enlightened in the space of absolute reality!

If, due to the power of karma, I take a rebirth,

Having renounced all negative places of the hell-beings, hungry ghosts, animals, gods and humans, as well as savage places that have lost morality,

May I be born in the middle upon the victorious southern continent!

Having renounced all impure doors of birth into negative families such as being born a predatory animal, a bird, a beast of burden, a wild animal, a slave, a human who has a bad influence, a military person, or a butcher,

May I obtain a human body in an honorable and wholesome family!

Not born into a body that is crippled, deaf, mute, blind or with incomplete sense organs,

And having perfected the characteristics of a positive and beautiful form,

May I be a proper vessel of truth, a speech emanation!

Renouncing the world of deluded leisure activities and non-virtue,

And having met with strong devotion towards virtue which has the three kinds of faith,

As well as having met together with a lama who has the three kindnesses,

May I have perfect renunciation when I am young!

Having pacified demons, and the eight classes of beings,

As well as the mind of delusion, the mind of malice and the mind of suffering,

May I be surrounded by loyal helpers and have an abundance of favorable circumstances of virtue!

Having generated an intense, tireless zeal and forsaking laziness as well as the distraction of amusement,

And having purified my three doors and the phenomena of my mind-stream,

May I skillfully perfect the three trainings!

Then, having renounced all pride of cleverness and knowledge,

Essentializing words for the benefit of not following speech,

And having purified the view of yogic power,

May I have an experience of the profound, great vehicle!

Having produced within my mind-stream a lack of desire or attachment towards this world, toward friends or enemies, material things, or property and wealth,

And having liberated the knots of greediness regarding subject and object,

May I abide in the state of the unmoving, nature of mind!

Self-liberating in their own places the truth-less vision of the external six senses, the ego, as well as subject and object,

And being free from the reference point of any graspable, substantial entity,

May I realize the magical illusion of all the various visions!

Having cleared away inner conceptuality, the movements of the intellect,

Into a state of non-attachment that has been pure since the beginning,

And having increased insight arising from non-deluded meditation,

May I attain the state of enlightenment for myself!

Having liberated dullness and lethargy, anger, agitation, doubt, hope and fear into the inseparable, luminous state,

And having recognized my own self-nature as the manifestation of the three Enlightened Bodies,

May deep certainty and confidence be produced!

Having attained the signs of accomplishment of the outer, inner, and secret paths,

As well as the power of both ordinary spiritual accomplishments as well as illusory emanations,

And having completed the stages of the intellectual paths and grounds,

May I perceive myself the same as the equal taste of the natural state!

Not being separate from non-conceptual wisdom,

But having been separate from the essential taste of experience and realization,

May the supreme accomplishment of omniscience be accomplished!

Having attained the primordially empty and rootless state of equanimity as regards external existence, outside and inside, cyclic existence, and all phenomena,

And having completed these multiple and diverse things all at once,

May I arrive at the level of the inexpressible, Bönku!

From the faith and devotion of all transmigrating beings,

Manifests the four immeasurables within the state of the Enlightened Mind,

And the darkness of the minds of sentient beings is cleared away.

May the wheel of the Yungdrung Bön turn!

Having subdued obstacles, and fully developed and spread the teachings,

And having transformed into each protector and object of refuge in order to suppress the brightness of the opponent’s appearance,

May I, myself, possess the four kinds of compassion!

From great compassion and skillful means,

Without weariness and for the benefit of sentient beings,

May I, myself, quickly and compassionately guide all sentient beings of the six realms, without exception!

Through the capacity and power of compassionate blessings of knowledge and kindness from the places of refuge, as well as the devotion of my three doors,

Having quickly and fully accomplished this completely pure aspiration prayer,

May all of cyclic existence be shaken from the depths!

The places of refuge, the enlightened beings, the assembly of outer and inner deities,

As well as myself and other beings of the six realms who are as limitless as the sky,

From the equanimity within the state of the single taste of the varied phenomena,

May we be liberated into the space of inexpressible absolute reality!


(Thus, recite this three times.  As for this “Precious Mala of Meaningful Aspiration Prayers”, the great Tséwang Rikdzin, composed these words for the benefit of many lifetimes while in a secret cave upon an island in Lake Namtso  The oral transmission was given to the shepherd, Rikpa Rangshar himself. In order to manifest into the liberated family of Tséwang, don’t forget the benefits of this!  Morning and evening on auspicious days, make this aspiration prayer again and again in an unbroken way.  Thus, Tséwang spoke this from his own mouth.

Pé!  By offering this single, powerful sound, my consciousness dissolves into the heart of Tséwang.  Tséwang having dissolved into light, dissolves into the heart of Küntu Zangpo.

Make this aspiration for both one’s self and others.  Having the three extraordinary supports, and in the presence of the excellent lama, and having extraordinary abiding during the time that the sun or moon is eclipsed, or at the anniversary of the victor Shenrap taking birth or passing away, or the time of one’s benevolent parents passing away, or at the time of one’s root lama passing away, offer this aspiration prayer.  After a long period of veneration, perform the yidam practice.  From that, if you perform a yidam practice, guard your discipline even for a single generation stage.  If you make a commitment regarding this very aspiration prayer, in the future, it is said that you will be reborn into the presence of Tséwang.)


This prayer was translated by Raven Cypress Wood ©All Rights Reserved.

Do not copy, publish, or distribute in part or in whole in any manner without permission.

May the protectors forgive any errors!

May countless beings benefit!

This prayer is offered for the personal use of Yungdrung Bön practitioners, and a pdf of the translation can be downloaded by following this Google Doc link:













In the Language of Zhang Zhung…

Adding Virtue to Everyday Actions

MA TRI mantra above a doorway. Photo credit: Unknown

From the Dechok Rinchen Dronma’i Phen Yön, The Benefits of the Recitation Practice of the Precious Lamp, also known as The Thirty-two Benefits of the MA TRI Mantra:

“(6) This recitation practice is a precious lamp.  Anyone who has generated the mind of compassion, if they write out the mantra and put it above the doorway of the retreat place or throughout the community, then just by entering these places one will attain liberation.  Entering practice is the benefit of this precious lamp.”

~Translation from Tibetan to English by Raven Cypress Wood ©All Rights Reserved

The MA TRI mantra is one of the three essence mantras of the Yungdrung Bön tradition. The complete mantra is:་OM MA TRI MU YÉ SA LÉ DU.


Anniversary of Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche’s Supreme Attainment

Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche

The 13th day of the 4th month on the Tibetan lunar calendar is the anniversary of the rainbow body of Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen.  In 2016, that date is May 19th.  Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen was a Yungdrung Bön monk, teacher, scholar and realized practitioner of the modern age.  In 1934, he attained the rainbow body, Tibetan jalu, which is a sign of high realization in the practice of Dzogchen.  Essentially, the practitioner has purified their karma and realized the ultimate state of mind such that at the moment of death, the five elements which construct the physical body dissolve into pure light rather than degrading.  In this way, over the course of a few days, the physical body proportionally shrinks and, in some cases, completely disappears leaving only the hair and nails.

For more details about Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche’s attainment of the rainbow body, see previous post:

Raven Cypress Wood© All Rights Reserved

Shardza prayer with background

A Prayer of Aspiration to the Root Lama

HE Menri Lopon at menri 2016 on throne

His Eminence Menri Lopon Yangton Thrinley Nyima Rinpoche

Nyima Tenzin Monlam Pecha TIB 2

A Condensed Prayer of Aspiration

I pray to the Supreme Refuge, my root lama,

During this and all my future lives,

May I directly realize the nature of my mind, free from elaboration,

And may I have the capability to continually practice without interruption!”

~Written by 25th Menri Trizen HH Nyima Tenzin Rinpoche B. 1813-D. 1875.  Translated by Raven Cypress Wood©




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