The Indestructible Yungdrung Bön

Yungdrung Bon monks performing a ritual. Photo credit: Unknown.

“Like the sun rising at dawn, through uncontrollable power, may the teachings of Yungdrung Bön spread!”

From A Storehouse of Treasure, The Main Practice of Blue Dzambhala

Translation: Raven Cypress Wood

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  1. Reggie Dalton

    Good morning Raven, Is there something else we can offer if we are not familiar with making torma? How does one make torma?

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  2. HI Reggie, there are specific instructions for making torma, and there are many kinds of torma depending upon the practice. In general, there are peaceful torma and wrathful torma.
    Yes, one can offer substitutes most of the time. For the daily torma for Yeshe Walmo, you can offer a nice cookie, or small cake instead, along with the tea and wine. For the evening torma offering to the wealth deities, you can offer the 3 sweets: sugar, brown sugar & molasses or honey; and the 3 whites: yogurt, milk, & soft cheese. These are some examples. If these kinds of offerings are not possible due to circumstance, one can offer incense & imagine that it becomes the perfect offering. Even in the absence of incense, once can pray & imagine the perfect offerings filling the sky. All the best, Raven

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