100,000 Offerings for the Queen of Existence, the Enlightened Protector Sipé Gyalmo

Sipé Gyalmo statue installed in the Menri Monastery protectors’ temple

Beginning on April 24, 2023 and continuing for one week, Menri Monastery in India will perform their annual ritual of One Hundred Thousand Offerings to the Queen of Existence, Sipé Gyalmo Bum Tsok. This important ritual is performed for the purpose of requesting the enlightened protector Sipé Gyalmo to remove obstacles and bestow her blessings. This year, the emphasis will include requesting her blessings for longevity, excellent health, and success for His Holiness the 34th Menri Trizin, His Eminence Yongdzin Rinpoche, and His Eminence Menri Pönlop Rinpoche; as well as her help in the complete eradication of the global pandemic and for the peace and happiness of all beings.

Monks, nuns, and laypeople will all participate in the preparation and execution of the ritual. One hundred thousand small torma will be made and offered alongside one large torma, and other offerings of food, flowers, butter lamps, pure water, and sweet smelling incense. The merit of supporting and/or participating in this ritual removes obstacles, increases fortunate circumstances such as being protected from harm and being blessed with prosperity, good health, and harmonious circumstances.

Offering support and making a connection with a donation of even a single dollar brings great benefit. Donations can be made through multiple organizations. Kyungdzong Wodsel Ling is the North American center for His Eminence Menri Pönlop Yangtön Thrinley Nyima Rinpoche and they are collecting donations to be sent to Menri Monastery in support of the Sipé Gyalmo Bum Tsok. They ask that all donations be made by April 20th. More information about the Bum Tsok and a link for donating can be found here: http://kwling.org/bon/bum-tsok-offering/

The full amount of every donation will be sent to Menri Monastery and designated for the ritual. This donation can be dedicated for those that are ill, in danger, have recently passed away, or for yourself. If you are unable to donate monetarily, you can also participate by engaging in Sipé Gyalmo practice, mantra recitation, engaging in acts of virtue and avoiding acts of non-virtue during the time of the week-long ritual.

100,000 offering torma for the enlightened protector, Sipé Gyalmo. Photo credit: Unknown.

Sipé Gyalmo is an enlightened protector and also a yidam, or meditational deity. Her invocations and offerings are performed daily in Yungdrung Bön Monasteries.

“Within a burial ground ablaze with an eon-destroying fire, amidst swirling waves in an ocean of dark-colored blood, majestically sitting atop a black mule is the Queen of Existence, the single mother who brings migrating being to bliss.

Her body is the frightening color of dark-colored lapis lazuli. She has three faces and six arms. Her right face is white, her left face is red, and the face in the center is dark blue. Her blue-black hair billows upwards. The crown of her head is adorned with the perfect buddhas of the three times. Her nine overwhelming eyes blaze like an eon-destroying fire. Her six ears are perfectly curved like half-moons. The clicking sound of her tongues causes vow-breakers and evil forces to fall unconscious. The upper part of her body moves and is beautiful, and on the lower part of her body she wears a tiger skin as a skirt. She is ornamented with encircling, tamed snakes and a necklace of skulls.

The first hand on her right raises a dark-colored victory banner. The first hand on her left holds a mirror that illuminates the three realms of phenomenal existence. The middle hand on her right lifts a sharp, sword of wisdom. The middle hand on her left grasps an iron hook of method and compassion. The final hand on her right holds a sharp phurba of fierce liberation. The final hand on her left holds a human skull-cup filled with blood.

She uses a poisonous black snake as a halter for her magnificent black mule. The three upper and lower straps of her saddle are turquoise snakes. Her mount wears a crown of silk ribbons at its ears and is adorned with a necklace of gold, silver, and turquoise Bönpo flat bells.”

Sipé Gyalmo, Queen of Existence, who rides a black mule

“Having accomplished your practices in successive previous lifetimes, Mother Sipé Gyalmo,

you lovingly protect me like a mother protects her very own child.

Like the body and its shadow, you surround me with your love and affection.

Single-pointedly, I supplicate to you from my heart!

Never separated from your loving compassion, 

protect me with your four kinds of peaceful, expansive, powerful, and wrathful activities!

Please act so that whatever goal or intention that I wish for will be accomplished without any hindrance!”

Sipe Gyalmo’s Entrusted Activity composed by Shardza Rinpoche. Translated by Raven Cypress Wood

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