Annual Retreat of the Peaceful & Wrathful Walsé Ngampa

The Yidam Walsé Ngampa and the Great Mother Ngammo Yumchen Tröpe Taktenma

Each year on the 23rd-29th lunar days of the 2nd lunar month, Menri Monastery performs a week-long retreat of the yidam Walsé Ngampa. In 2023, these dates correspond to April 13th-19th on the Western calendar. The retreat includes recitation of the complete yidam text along with accumulation of the mantra, one hundred feast offerings to the yidam and his retinue, as well as a ritual of protection to turn away malevolent forces as well as the causes for illness, accidents, conflicts, and other types of harm and danger.

The yidam Walsé Ngampa is one of the Five Supreme Embodiments, or literally the Five Supreme Citadels of the Father Tantra that are manifestations of the enlightened body, speech, mind, quality, and activity of Buddha Tönpa Shenrap Miwoché. Walsé Ngampa is the embodiment of Enlightened Body. He is dark blue with nine heads and eighteen arms with which he holds various weapons for subduing obstacles. He is the manifested form of the wisdom of emptiness. His consort has the nature of Buddha Satrik Érsang and is known as Ngammo Yumchen Tröpé Taktenma with a body color that is dark green with blue hair and eyebrows. In her right hand, she holds an amulet containing the earth and sky. In her left hand, she holds a vase of nectar. And she wears a necklace of the planets and stars.

The main ritual text for this deity is entitled, Stages of Practice for Walsé which was composed by the great sage Drenpa Namkha and rediscovered as a terma by Matön Drol Dzin in 1091 from a rock in Dangra Khyung-dzong. Reciting this text and performing the associated rituals has a profound benefit of blessing and protection. Menri Monastery will be performing this sacred activity or the benefit and welfare of all beings in support of their happiness and development of wisdom.

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