Lunar Calendar: Time for the Practice of Nyammé Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoché

His Holiness the 1st Menri Trizin Nyammé Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoché

Every new moon, the monks and nuns of Menri Monastery perform the Nyammé La Drup, the lama practice of Nyammé Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoché who established Menri Monastery and brought together the scattered transmission lineages. This practice has its own preliminary prayers, main practice including a tsok offering, and concluding prayers such as prayers of blessing, aspiration and dedication. The next new moon coincides with Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

You are like a golden sunrise over the world

during the final 500 years of degeneration in this negative time.

From your great, thunderous river of Bön speech, 

your disciples’ afflictive emotions are washed clean at the very root.

Through the roar of your extensive knowledge of the three kinds of teachings,

you destroy the ignorant reasoning of variant tenet systems.

A majestic lion among men and leader of Menri,

I prostrate to you, crown ornament of abbots!

Homage to His Holiness the 1st Menri Trizin Nyammé Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoché

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