Birth Anniversary of Buddha Tönpa Shenrap’s First Born: Tobu Bumsang

Depiction of the birth of Prince Tobu Bumsang.

Although Buddha Tönpa Shenrap Miwoche was already a fully enlightened being and therefore has no worldly lineage, in order to continue the royal Shen lineage into which he was born and in order to benefit sentient beings, he had ten children.  The first born was his son, Prince Tobu Bumsang, who was born on the fifteenth lunar day of the second month. In 2020, this coincides with April 8th on the Western calendar.

Buddha Tönpa Shenrap Miwoché entrusted the teachings of the Tantra of the MA TRI mantra to Tobu Bumsang after he made a formal request for the teachings.

“To the Lord who is the compassionate protector of sentient beings, Sovereign of the teachings who is the principal deity of gods and humans, to the One who is ornamented with the clear, unobscured light of knowledge and is all-knowing, I bow and offer prostrations. 

What is the teaching? Who is included in the lineage?  How many benefits are there of this recitation practice?  Please bestow the oral transmission as well as the quintessential instructions.” 

Tobu Bumsang made this request for the benefit of sentient beings in cyclic existence.  Shenrap and Tobu Bumsang spoke in accordance with the hearing lineage. Then, from the completely pure mouth of Shenrap these words were spoken.

“O listen! 

Fortunate Son of a noble lineage, this Precious Lamp is the heart mantra of all of those who have gone beyond bliss. 

As for the lineage, those who have purified lower rebirths and shaken cyclic existence from the very depths are included within the lineage. 

As for this practice, it is mainly to rely upon trusting in the enlightened ones who have trained in the three kinds of emptiness. 

As for the benefit, so that sentient beings at the end of the eon, when their lifespan has become shorter and there is less morality, will not need to accomplish visualization and meditation, I will speak about the benefits of this recitation practice.

This recitation practice is the extracted heart essence of all of Those who have gone beyond bliss and is the fundamental essence of the entire collection of sacred teachings. 

It is the quintessential essence of all Bön.  It is the ultimate of all recitations. It is the heart elixir of the princpal teachings. It is a sacred connection for sentient beings during a dark time.”    

— Extracted from Benefits of the Recitation Practice of the Precious Lamp, the MA TRI Mantra

Tibetan translation by Raven Cypress Wood ©All Rights Reserved. No content, in part or in whole, is allowed to be used without direct permission from the author.

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