Buddha Tonpa Shenrap’s Eighth Deed: The Deed of Being Completely Victorious

Buddha Tonpa Shenrap manifests as the Completely Victorious One, Nampar Gyalwa

The reincarnation  of a great king was born a prince by the name of Gya Kongtse Trulgyi Gyalpo.  At a young age, this prince had great faith in the teachings of Buddha Tönpa Shenrap and performed many acts of devotion.  At the age of twenty-five, he decided to build an exquisite temple in the ocean surrounding Olmo Lungring in order to accumulate merit for his next life.  Because human beings were unable to work in this condition, he subdued one hundred demons who each vowed to complete the construction of the foundation within fifteen days as long as the prince kept their involvement a secret.  And so, after fifteen days, the solid stone foundation of the temple rose above the surface of the ocean.

Before leaving, Prince Kongtse Trulgyal had told his mother that he would be away at the ocean for a month and that she must keep it a secret.  However, as the days passed, the prince’s wife began to worry about him and tried to get information from his mother.  Unable to withstand the constant questioning any longer, his mother finally told the prince’s wife the truth.  Stunned and angry that she had been kept in the dark, she took the children and went in search of her husband, Prince Kongtse Trulgyal.  Arriving at the ocean and crossing a small bridge to the newly constructed temple foundation, the family saw a large group of workers who all looked like the prince.  Having been discovered, the demons, all of whom had taken on the likeness of the prince, immediately fled and construction of the temple came to a halt.  In despair, Prince Kongtse Trulgyal enlisted the help of a bodhisattva who recruited the assistance of a group of water spirits in order to complete the temple’s construction.

Upon completion, the temple was truly majestic.  However, the demons who had built the foundation for the temple became jealous and began attacking the temple intent upon destroying it.  Prince Kongtse Trulgyal cried out for help from Buddha Tönpa Shenrap.   Knowing of all of these events through his perfect omniscience, the enlightened Lord Tönpa Shenrap instantly manifested in the sky in his wrathful form as the Completely Victorious One Nampar Gyalwa, and together with five thousand five hundred bodhisattvas, he completely subdued the group of jealous demons.  Descending from the sky to the temple, he then spoke according to the Yungdrung Bön teachings and installed representations of his enlightened Body, Speech and Mind in the temple in the tangible aspects of statues, scriptures and chortens.

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