The Power of Prayer

Tapihritsa prayer flag with blog url

This Yungdrung Bön prayer flag has a center image of Tapihritsa.  He was an historical person of the 8th century who attained full realization and is seen as being merged with the primordially enlightened Küntu Zangpo.  Tapihritsa is an important figure in the lineage of the Zhang Zhung Aural Tradition of Dzogchen.  The direct lineage of this tradition was never interrupted in any way and continues to this very day.

This prayer flag contains the “Invocation of Tapihritsa” as well as the Bön ‘SA LÉ Ö” heart mantra which is said to contain the complete introduction to the natural state of the mind.

“Lord Tapihritsa, protector of migrating beings, I offer this prayer to you!  May the beings of the six realms of cyclic existence be held within your compassion, and may my mind be liberated!”

-From The Invocation of Tapihritsa.  Translated by Raven Cypress Wood.

All content on Nine Ways ©Raven Cypress Wood

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  1. Good morning, Raven,

    As always, thank you for your devotion in providing this blog.

    I have a question. In the five point posture, why does the right leg cross in front of the left. Is there an energetic reason? And also the left palm upon the right?

    thank you,

    Reggie Dalton

  2. The channel in which wisdom flows is the left channel. Therefore, this side is always kept open and the other suppressed. For this reason, the ideal sleeping posture is the sleeping lion posture, lying on the right side to allow the left side to remain open and unobstructed. All the best, Raven

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