Buddha Tonpa Shenrap’s Sixth Deed: The Deed of Emanating

sixth-deedAlthough Buddha Tönpa Shenrap Miwoche was already a fully enlightened being and therefore has no worldly lineage, in order to continue the royal lineage into which he was born and in order to benefit sentient beings, he had ten children.  The first born was his son, Tobu Bumsang.  Auspicious signs occurred during each of the births and all of the children possessed the major and minor marks of an extraordinary being.

His eight sons were:

  • Tobu Bumsang
  • Chebu Trishe
  • Lungdren Salwa
  • Gyüdren Dronma
  • Kongtsa Wangden
  • Kongtsa Trulbu
  • Oldruk Tangpa
  • Dungtsop Mucho Demdruk

His two daughters were:

  • Shensa Nechen
  • Shensa Nechung

His children were also his disciples and some were given the responsibility of being lineage holders.  Lord Tönpa Shenrap’s son Chebu Trishe was given the knowledge and responsibility for holding the lineage of medicine.  In that capacity, he is known as Menlha, Deity of Medicine.  His body is radiantly blue and he lifts a chakshing, or symbol of a double Yungdrung, to his heart level with his right hand and with his left hand he holds a healing plant.  As the source of the lineage of medicine, Lord Tönpa Shenrap is depicted as the Medicine Buddha with a similar body color and hand objects.  However, he holds the chakshing towards the earth.

Chebu Trishe in his aspect as Menlha, the Deity of Medicine


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