A Purifying Activity for Body, Speech and Mind

Yungdrung Bon nuns offer khata and prostrations to Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

There are three types of prostration. There is the prostration of the body through performing the physical action of bowing and prostrating.  There is the prostration of the speech through chanting prayers and mantras.  And there is the prostration of the mind through generating devotion and trust to the four places of refuge.  Of these three, the greatest is the prostration of the mind.  However, these three are commonly unified so that as the practitioner is performing the physical prostration they are also reciting prayers or mantras with a heartfelt feeling of devotion.  Among the foundational practices which purify the mind-stream, this unification of the three kinds of prostration is performed 100,000 times.

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