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~Essence mantra of the deity of longevity, Lama Tséwang Rikdzin

In the Yungdrung Bön tradition, the longevity practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin is foremost among the many longevity practices within the religious tradition. Indestructible: The Longevity Practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin by Raven Cypress Wood contains the English translation of the longevity practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin from the Tséwang Jarima Chok Dü scripture. From the foreword written by Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche:

“The wisdom of Tséwang Rikdzin and the practices associated with this teaching can help us retrieve, extend, and enhance our life force: healing environmental, physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances in our lives. Strengthening and extending our lifespan provides more time for our spiritual development and for serving and benefiting other sentient beings.”

The Tibetan syllable NI, the syllable of a human being, and support for the vital life force. Calligraphy by Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

Lama Tséwang Rikdzin is the embodiment of the Five Buddha Families and can therefore bestow any quality or wisdom that is needed.  In this particular practice, the attainment of longevity, physical health, vitality, and a complete and healthy soul are emphasized.

“Lama Tséwang Rikdzin is a tülku whose heart emanations are sent forth throughout the ten directions. He has power over longevity and protects the lifespan and prosperity of all practitioners.”

Excerpt from ‘Indestructible: The Longevity Practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin”

This book is suitable for both those familiar and those unfamiliar with the practice. It includes information regarding the Yungdrung Bön religious tradition, Lama Tséwang Rikdzin, and the root text which contains the longevity practice. The book is available as a hardback edition with color images and text, or a black and white paperback edition.  It can purchased through the Sacred Sky Press online store at:

“We pray for the mending of all of our lifespan that has been torn.

We pray to be reunited with all of our lifespan that has been separated from us.

We pray for all of our lifespan that has been dispersed to be gathered back together.

May our prosperity and our lifespan be deathless and indestructible!”

Excerpt from ‘Indestructible: The Longevity Practice of Lama Tséwang Rikdzin”

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  1. Hi Raven, how can I get your new book ?

  2. Carol Englender

    Congratulations on achieving this auspicious publication and offering it to the world. Much love, Carol and To

  3. Hello Nigel, follow this link. It should be easy. Raven

  4. Thanks Carol. All the best to you and Tony. Raven

  5. Hi Raven, do we need lung to practice this? Lama Tashi gave lung last Fall during the live Serenity Ridge Tsewang practice of the Garland prayer…would that be enough to do this practice?

  6. Hi Maureen, you can read and practice this without lung, or transmission, and it will bring merit and blessings. By making that connection, one can make a wish to have an opportunity to receive the transmission and empowerment. However, in order to attain the full benefit of the practice, it is necessary to receive transmission. Ideally, one would also receive empowerment and instruction. Raven

  7. Hi Raven, It sounds like maybe the transmission could be given via Facebook Live? Not the empowerment, I know, but maybe some of this could be given to the cyber sangha. Please let TWR know there is interest. Who knows, he might say ‘yes’ ! 🙂

  8. My copy was autographed by the translator at the recent summer retreat… IT IS A TREASSURE…

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