Flag of the Yungdrung Bon

Bon flag 2

The flag of the Yungdrung Bön with each of the colors of the five elements and the golden chakshing with 2 turquoise-colored yungdrungs as held by Buddha Tönpa Shenrap Miwoche

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  1. Hello ! I’m doing some research on Tibetan flags. Would you have more informations about this flag, who designed it, its meaning and so on ?
    Thank you very much.

  2. The golden chakshing in the middle is the object that the Buddha Tonpa Shenrap holds in his right hand. It has many meanings including that he has complete realization of both the relative truth and the absolute truth. The five colors of the flag are the colors of the five elements. As for its origins, I don’t know that detail. Raven

  3. Thank you very much !

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