Yungdrung Bon Temple in Mustang, Nepal

Bon gompa in Jomson Mustang Nepal

This Yungdrung Bön temple is located in the village of Jomson in Mustang, Nepal.

For more on Yungdrung Bön in Mustang, see the documentary film Mustang to Menri.

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  1. Jan Carolyn Hardy

    Tashi deleg,

    Where to we find ‘Mustang to Menri?’ I checked and could not find it. Any suggestions?

    Kind regards,

    Jan Carolyn Hardy
    TiSe Ling Bon Center
    Anchorage, Alaska


    At the moment, I believe that it is still being shown at various film festivals and has not been released on DVD. Please use the link above to contact the filmmaker for more info.

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