Special Day for Healing Waters Practice

His Eminence Menri Yongdzin Rinpoche bestows blessed water. Photo credit and copyright: Samaya Producciones.

The 5th lunar day of the 7th month each year is a powerful day for receiving blessed water or for practicing with water for cleansing or healing. The healing from water, or other types of medicine, taken on this day will continue to have power for seven days. This lunar date corresponds with September 1, 2022 on the Western calendar.

It is a widespread belief shared among many religious traditions that particular bodies of water can bestow purification, healing, eternal youth, or special knowledge. Within the Yungdrung Bön religious tradition, there are many rituals to imbue water with the blessings and power of enlightened deities in order to wash away negativities and provide healing and protection. One of the most widespread is Nampar Jompa’s Healing Waters Mantra practice. The enlightened deity Nampar Jompa has a wrathful appearance with a light-blue body and distinctly having serpents as ornaments on his arms, legs, waist, and hair.

“I, myself, as the deity Nampar Jompa hold in my right hand a vessel filled with elixir.  In my left hand, I hold a mirror which removes all illness and injury.  Having washed with this healing water, I clearly imagine that any remaining contamination is washed away because of this medicine.”  

— From The Practice of the Washing Rite within Nampar Jompa’s Healing Waters Mantra

At the conclusion of the practice after the practitioner has transformed into the deity Nampar Jompa, empowered the water with mantra, and then washed with the water, the practice text includes a final notation emphasizing the power of the practice.

“Thus, through this supplication prayer of the washing rite, having purified all traces of previous illness and negative external influences, just like the overflow of water from a crystal vessel, imagine that all negativity and illness leave from the tips of the fingers and toes, the nostrils and the secret place.

There is no place what-so-ever for the creation of even the smallest thing to arise.  Not even a single atom remains that needs to be purified!”

Sigyal Drakngak Walmo, the enlightened deity who protects from contagious disease through empowered water

During the beginning time of the global pandemic of Covid 19, many Yungdrung Bön lamas advised their disciples to engage with the mantra and practice of Sigyal Drakngak, a manifestation of Sipé Gyalmo, who specifically protects from infectious disease through the use of empowered water. Translation of this text, The Heartdrop of Si Gyal that is All-pervasive and Clears Away Afflictive Emotions and Illness, has been published in both English and French and is available to be ordered for those who have received transmission for the practice.


This water of nectar has the nature of wisdom and medicine.

May all negative karma, afflictive emotions and discursive thoughts of migrating beings be washed away!

May all illness, external negative forces, karmic potentialities, and contaminations be purified!

Like a deity of medicine, may you have health and happiness!”

— From The Heartdrop of Si Gyal that is All-pervasive and Clears Away Afflictive Emotions and Illness

In addition to the practices specifically using water as a method of purification, healing, and empowerment, there are many practices and mantra that can be used to transform water from an ordinary substance to one that is imbued with extraordinary qualities. For example, one can recite the great mantra of Yungdrung Bön, the MA TRI, one hundred times or more without interrupting the recitation with ordinary speech. Then, the breathe is blown onto clean water in an undamaged vessel. This water is then used for ritual washing. Within The Thirty-two Benefits of the Recitation Practice of the Precious Lamp, it states:

“Anyone affected by contaminated energy, latent karmic potentialities, misfortune, and/or defilements, having recited this MA TRI mantra into pure, clean water, if they ritually wash for seven mornings, even karmic defilements will be purified.  Removing defilements is a benefit of this precious lamp.”

— From The Thirty-two Benefits of the Recitation Practice of the Precious Lamp

The Heartdrop of Jamma is an aural transmission from Khandro Sherap Lo Pélma who is a manifestation of Sherap Jamma and a deity who is specifically practiced to develop the intellect. In The Heartdrop of Jamma, the practitioner uses the power of the mantric syllables to transform each aspect of their body into one of Jamma’s countless manifestations. This text is commonly recited by Yungdrung Bön families after the final meal of the day. This texts lists many benefits of its recitation. This includes the use of water.

“If you recite the mantra to good quality water mixed with powdered, medicinal incense containing blessed medicine and the six excellent substances, and then cleanse with that water, all illness and sickness caused by negative forces will be pacified and all defilements and contaminations will be purified.” 

— From The Heartdrop of Jamma

The English, Spanish, and French translations of The Heartdrop of Jamma have been published and are available to anyone through this link: https://www.lulu.com/search?page=1&q=raven+cypress+wood&pageSize=10&adult_audience_rating=00

In addition to the above-mentioned practices, the Yungdrung Bön tradition includes the daily practice of washing with empowered water that is used each morning most commonly by those with ordination or genyen vows. However, this practice is open to anyone. One of the commonly used prayers for this practice is The Cleansing Rite Supplication. The English translation of this prayer has been made freely available to the worldwide sangha and can be downloaded from the Publications page of this website.

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  1. Julieta Treviño Ortiz

    Thank you so much for all your sharing and work !!
    My question is if the mantra is available for this practice. I would like to do the ritual thank you !!!

    Best regards, Juli

  2. Hello Raven, Do you think you can share the content list of chapters from your book: The Ritual Practice of Fumigation and Offering in the Yungdrung Bön Religious Tradition.  I tried to find the contents of this book from Yahoo, but it is not available. Best wishes, Rudy

    the future is now and today

  3. Hi Rudy, thank you for your interest in Sacred Smoke. I will send you an email with details of the book contents. Sincerely, Raven

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