Passing into Nirvana

The PongenThroneholder Tise Gyalwa Rinpoche in tukdam. Photo credit: Unknown

On the second day of the first lunar month, Western date February 6, 2019, the abbot of Pongen Yungdrung Dargye Ling Monastery in Kham, Tibet, Khyungkar Tisé Gyalwa Rinpoche entered into the state of tukdam. In general, tukdam refers to a state of meditative stability attained by meditation masters that continues after the external breath of their body has ceased but the internal breath, or winds, remain.  Therefore, the subtle channels through which these winds move remain stable. The area of the body containing the heart chakra remains warm to the touch.  The skin remains soft, and the face retains a glow of vitality. During this time, great care is taken to not disturb the body or interrupt the state of mediation.

Khyungkar Tise Gyalwa cremation day. Photo credit: Unknown

After an indeterminate number of days, the internal winds cease, the channels collapse, the physical body slumps, and the warmth dissipates from the heart center. At that time, chants related to the cleansing of the sacred body are recited while the physical remains are ritually bathed with water mixed with special herbs.  Sacred seed syllables are then written on the body and the body is wrapped in a pure white cloth.

Cremation stupa. Photo credit: Unknown.

On the 23rd day of the 1st lunar month, Western date February 27th, the physical remains of Tisé Gyalwa Rinpoche were ritually cremated during an elaborate fire ceremony. His skull and heart remained intact and have been kept as sacred relics.

Sacred relics of the Pongen Throneholder Khyungkar Tise Gyalwa Rinpoche. Photo credit: Unknown.

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