Long Life to HE Menri Lopon Yangton Thrinley Nyima Rinpoche

HE Menri Lopon Yangton Thrinley Nyima Rinpoche

Menri Lopon Long life prayer TIB old pecha

EMAHO!  Master of the path of Renunciation, you oversee the four kinds of discipline,

Leader of the Path of Transformation, you guide along the path of the four levels of rikdzin,

Lord of the Path of Liberation, you clarify the meaning of the four visions,

Through the four kinds of sacred activity, may you sustain the doctrine and migrating beings!”

~Written by HE Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche.  Translated by Raven Cypress Wood©

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  1. Thank you Raven it is so wonderful to receive all these beautiful presentations. I did have the prayer for HE Menri Lopon Rinpoche which was translated by Kurt Kreutzer and geshe Chaphur but I also like yours and copied it by handwriting. Menri Lopon sent me some photos sitting in nature and I would love to sit there in the grass with him. Again Thank you so much for all your kind work, Much love Marlyse

  2. gabriel haaland

    Thank you, Raven.

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