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Sacred Form

A Collection of Sacred Yungdrung Bon Objects. Photo credit: Unknown

Victory Over Ignorance

Gyaltsen or Sign of Victory

As one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols, the gyaltsen or sign of victory, symbolizes victory over all obstacles especially the demon of ignorance.

The Everlasting Yungdrung Bön

Special mandala offering with chakshing and flaming jewels presented to HH 33rd Menri Trizen Rinpoche and HE Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche in 2016 by the Worldwide Yungdrung Bon community.


Ancient Symbols

The chakshing, hand object of Lord Tonpa Shenrap Miwoche, and the Yungdrung Bon flag atop Menri Monastery in Dholanji, India. Photo credit: Unknown

The Field of Accumulation: The Ocean of Khandro

Tsok zhing according to Menri

Tsok zhing according to MenriThe Yungdrung Bon Merit Field of the Menri Tradition

In the Yungdrung Bön tradition, the place where the deities and objects of veneration are gathered is called the “Tsok Zhing”, the “Field of Accumulation”.  It is also sometimes translated as the “Field of Merit” or the “Merit Field” because what is being accumulated by paying homage and making offerings to this place is merit, or virtue.  This is the Merit Field according to the Menri Tradition from a drawing done by the great master and scholar HE Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche.


The Ocean of Khandro are depicted as figures #1-25.   Khandro (Sanskrit: dakini) literally translates as ‘sky-goer’ or ‘one who moves in the sky’.  Khandro are a class of female beings who protect and serve the religious tradition as well as bestow spiritual attainments.   Khandro can be classified in many ways.  The classification below is according to the Tsok Zhing text.  Each of the khandro are adorned with the six bone ornaments.

#1-8 Wisdom Khandro

1. Kalpa Zangmo,  she has one face and four arms
2. Miyo Tenma
3. Dekma Kündrol
4. Kyema Ötso, Khandro of the Mother Tantra
5. Namkha Déden
6. Dakpa Kündü
7. Salwa Dröbéb
8. Tukjé Kündrol, Khandro of Tummo and Tsa Lung

Khandro Kalpo Zangmo

#9-13 Action Khandro

9a. Ürgyen Khandro, Khandro from Ürgyen
9b. Ürgyen Khandro, Khandro from Ürgyen
9c. Ürgyen Khandro, Khandro from Ürgyen
9d. Ürgyen Khandro, Khandro from Ürgyen
10. Choza Bönmo, Khandro of the female lineage of the Yétri Tasel Dzogchen
11. Öden Barma, Consort of Yidam Drenpa Namkha
12a. Gyagar Khandro, Khandro from India
12b. Gyagar Khandro, Khandro from India
12c. Gyagar Khandro, Khandro from India
12d. Gyagar Khandro, Khandro from India
13. Drushé Khandro, Khandro from Drusha

#14-25 Animal-headed Khandro

14. Durjé Ü, Heron-headed Khandro
15. Pharwé Ü, Coyote-headed Khandro
16. Chusin Ü, Crocodile-headed Khandro
17. Duktrul Ü, Poisonous Snake-headed Khandro
18. Chè Chang Ü, Jackal-headed Khandro
19. Sengé Ü, Lion-headed Khandro
20. Khyungi Ü, Garuda-headed Khandro
21. Takgi Ü, Tiger-headed Khandro
22. Zikgi Ü, Leopard-headed Khandro
23. Domgi Ü, Bear-headed Khandro
24. Drékyi Ü, Yellow Bear-headed Khandro
25. Khaté Ü, Crow-headed Khandro

Raven Cypress Wood ©2015


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