The Field of Accumulation: The Yungdrung Sempa

The Field of Accumulation according to the Menri Tradition

Yungdrung Sempa, Changeless & Ceaseless Warriors of the Mind

The term ‘Bodhisattva’ is a commonly used Sanskrit word referring to a practitioner who has fully developed their compassion as well as their intention to attain enlightenment in order to benefit other beings as well as themselves.  In the Yungdrung Bön, the term is jang chub sempa.  This literally translates as a ‘warrior or hero of the mind who has attained purification and understanding.’  There are many levels of jang chub sempa.  Depicted in the Field of Accumulation in the Menri tradition are the Yungdrung Sempa, the Changeless and Ceaseless Warriors of the Mind.  Among this group of Yungdrung Sempa, there are the Great Yungdrung Sempa and the Unsurpassed Yungdrung Sempa.  The Great Yungdrung Sempa are the warriors of the mind who have reached one of the first seven grounds which are still considered impure.  The Unsurpassed Yungdrung Sempa have reached one of the final three grounds which are considered pure.

A Yungdrung Sempa can manifest as any kind of sentient being in order to be of benefit.

  1. Dung Tsop Mucho Démdruk: He is the Speech manifestation of the Enlightened Lord Tönpa Shenrap.  In the Wood Dragon year of 6016 B.C., he descended from Ölmo Lungrik to the earth in order to benefit sentient beings.  This was 1,801 years after Lord Tönpa Shenrap showed the appearance of passing into parinirvana.  During this time, many scholars appeared.  In the Water Rabbit year of 5717 B.C., he went to the realm of the demi-gods in order to give teachings.
  2. Yungdrung Sempa of the Ten Stages of the Path of Meditation
  3. Yungdrung Sempa of the Path of Seeing
  4. Yungdrung Sempa of the Path of Preparation
  5. Yungdrung Sempa of the Path of Accumulation

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