The Eight Worldly Concerns


According to the Yungdrung Bön religious tradition, the Eight Worldly Concerns for human beings are distractions from the path of spiritual development.  These Eight Worldly Concerns are:

  1. Attachment to Gain
  2. Attachment to Pleasure
  3. Attachment to Praise
  4. Attachment to Fame
  5. Aversion to Loss
  6. Aversion to Suffering
  7. Aversion to Blame
  8. Aversion to a Bad Reputation

Another way of categorizing these Eight Worldly Concerns:

  1. Gain
  2. Loss
  3. Happiness
  4. Sadness
  5. Slander or Bad Reputation
  6. Fame
  7. Praise
  8. Blame

Raven Cypress Wood© All Rights Reserved

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