The Eight Freedoms & The Ten Endowments

monks seat with name

In the Yungdrung Bön tradition, when one is born into existence as a human being, it is believed to be a great opportunity to practice and develop spiritually.  Additionally, it is important to recognize and take advantage of having The Eight Freedoms and The Ten Endowments.

The Eight Freedoms

  1. Free from being born into a hell realm
  2. Free from being born into the hungry ghost realm
  3. Free from being born into the animal realm
  4. Free from being born a barbarian
  5. Free from being born as a long-lived god
  6. Free from being born with wrong views
  7. Free from being born in a time without enlightened beings
  8. Free from being born deaf or mute

The Ten Endowments

The Five Endowments Found within Oneself:

  1. Having been born a human being
  2. Having been born in a central region
  3. Having been born with all of one’s faculties
  4. Being engaged with a proper lifestyle that does not conflict with spiritual practice
  5. Having faith in the sacred teachings

The Five Endowments Found with External Circumstances:

  1. An Enlightened Being has appeared
  2. The Enlightened Being has shared the teachings
  3. The teachings still exist
  4. The teachings are practiced
  5. There are those who are kind-hearted towards others and share the teachings

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  1. Shirley Lavin

    Very precious. Thank you, Raven.

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