The Seventh Way: The Way of the White AH

The enlightened wrathful deity, Walse Ngampa

Among the Nine Ways of Bön, The Seventh Way is The Way of the White AH.  This Seventh Way is the first of the Nine Ways of Bön whose view is transformation rather than renunciation or avoidance.  Rather than avoiding the five poisons, they taken upon the path and transformed into the five positive qualities.  Hatred and anger are transformed into love, confusion and mental dullness are transformed into wisdom, pride is transformed into peacefulness, desire and attachment are transformed into generosity, and envy and jealousy are transformed into openness.  To support this practice, the vessel of the external environment is transformed into a divine palace and the beings within are transformed into gods and goddesses.

The Seventh Way has many requirements of ritual items, ritual activity, deity visualization, mandala construction and rules of conduct.  In general there are three primary categories of: support, accomplishment, and activity.  Within the category of support, there are three outer, three inner, and three ritual preparations.  Within the category of accomplishment, there are eighteen branches: six regarding the base, six regarding the path, and six regarding the result.  Within the category of activity, there are nine divisions that can be directly correlated to each of the Nine Ways.

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