Tibetan Astrology: The Five Natal Forces

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According to Tibetan astrology, we each have Five Natal Forces within us that are characterized by one of the five elements of earth, water, fire, wood or metal.  (Metal is the astrological equivalent of space and wood is equivalent to wind.)  These Five Natal Forces are the Vital Life-force, the force of the Body, Personal Power, Lungta and Soul.

The Vital Life-force is the force within an individual that is responsible for maintaining the connection between body and mind.  As long as this connection exists, there is vital life-force.  This force can be stable or unstable.  The force of the Body is the force of our bodily health.  The force of Personal Power, or wangtang, is the natal force of personal power or charisma, and is associated with prosperity.  When this force is strong, it can lead to accomplishment of one’s goals with few or no obstacles, protection of the vital life-force, and general protection from any kind of danger or loss.  Lungta is the force within an individual that is associated with good luck.  Lungta literally means ‘wind-horse’. This symbolizes something that can move very fast and with great power.  The Lungta has the ability to strengthen and uplift all of the other natal forces.  The Soul is the mother of the vital life-force.  When the Soul is strong, it gives the individual the ‘glow’ of health.  This force can be variable depending upon whether it is strengthening or declining.   According to texts, “Virtue is the mother of the soul.”  Therefore, acts of virtue strengthen the force of the soul.  This force cyclically moves through the entire body each month.  See previous article, “Movement of the Soul Through the Body”.

Because each of these natal forces are associated with a specific element, they not only characterize these forces in general but are also affected by the elemental qualities of each calendar year.  In this way, it is possible to anticipate the potential for one or more of these forces to encounter circumstances of support or decline.  This is due to the fact that the five elements interact with one another according to their unique qualities.  For example, water is the enemy of fire, but wood is the mother of fire.  There are four possible relationships between elements: mother, child, friend or enemy.  A person born in 1973 would be a Water Ox and the force of their lungta would be ruled by the element of water.  For 2015, the force of lungta is ruled by the element of fire.  Fire is in the friend relationship to water.  This is considered a very good position and, in general, this person could expect their force of lungta to be strong during 2015.  Calculations such as this are possible for each of the Five Natal Forces.  If someone wanted to strengthen one or more of the natal forces, the texts prescribe methods of doing so including numerous rituals and practices.  In general, virtuous activity, sincere spiritual practice and a mind of loving kindness protect these forces and keep them strong and well-developed.

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