239th Anniversary of the Birth of Kündun Sonam Lodrö, the 22nd Menri Trizin

Pages from the hagiography of Kündun Sonam Lodro, the 22nd Menri Trizin. Photo credit: Raven Cypress Wood

A Bit of Praise for the Kind Root Lama, the Great Scholar Sonam Lodrö Wangi Gyalpo

“Among the beings of the snow, you are a meritorious, precious one. Because of your previous training, you reached the pinnacle of powerful thought through your unmatched, steadfast intelligence for everything.

Praise to you, a king who has destroyed the enemy five poisons!

By the power of praising and supplicating to you,

during this lifetime, for both myself and the other limitless sentient beings who are my mothers and fathers, 

may adversity and obstacles not arise!

And in the future, may we attain perfect buddhahood!”

—   Excerpt from: A Garland of Lotuses, Hagiography of the Exalted Presence of Sonam Lodrö

On the auspicious 8th day of the 4th lunar month during the Male Wood Dragon year [1784 CE] , Kündun Sonam Lodrö was born in Gyalrong, Tibet. In 2023, this dates coincides with May 27th on the Western calendar. This is an auspicious day to perform virtue and spiritual practice, especially following the teachings of Kündun Sonam Lodro.

In 1810 CE, he became the 22nd abbot of Tashi Menri Monastery and received the formal name of Tenzin Sonam Lodrö Wangi Gyalpo. He was the first Menri trizin to spend extensive time on pilgrimages and practicing in remote areas away from the monastery. Because of this, fame for his intellectual knowledge, realization of wisdom, and adherence to even the smallest monastic rules widely spread.

He had many visionary encounters with deities and protectors. During one of these visions, an emanation of Buddha Sherap Jamma appeared and gave him the aural transmission for The Heartdrop of Jamma. (This text has been translated into several languages. See previous article: https://ravencypresswood.com/2023/05/20/guidance-and-protection-from-the-wise-loving-mother/) Many well-known Yungdrung Bön scriptures commonly used today are attributed to him. These include:

  • The Heartdrop of Jamma: Aural Transmission of Khandro Serap Lopel
  • Aural Transmission of the Practice of Rainbow Powa
  • Sipé Gyalmo of the Six Times’ Clairvoyance of the Three Thousand-fold Universe which is Like a Clear Mirror
  • Alphabetical Praise for a Vision of Red Mule Sipé Gyalmo
  • Practice of Blue Dzambhala: A Storehouse of Treasure
  • Spontaneous Wish-fulfillment of Removing Obstacles from the Path

“Within the palace of great bliss at the crown of my head is the embodiment of all the buddhas, the root lama, surrounded by all the enlightened ones of the three times and ten directions. 

To the one who has knowledge and kindness towards migrating beings like a loving mother, I devotedly prostrate, present offerings, and supplicate! Compassionately bless me and all other migrating beings! 

Without exception, having pacified all illness, obstacles, and external interferences, lead us along the path of liberation and great bliss!”

From A Flowing River of Supplications and Blessings by Kündun Sonam Lodro

A collection of Kündun Sonam Lodro’s divine writings is contained within the English language book Forty-Three Trainings for an Enlightened Mind and Other Divine Writings. For more information or to find out how to purchase a copy of the book, see previous article: https://ravencypresswood.com/2023/03/03/new-book-the-divine-writings-of-h-h-22nd-menri-trizin-sonam-lodro/

Tibetan translations by Raven Cypress Wood

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