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Blue like the Clear, Open Sky

blue text

In the Bön Buddhist tradition, the color blue has great, meaningful significance.  Specifically, the blue of the clear, open, vast expanse of the sky.  Among the five schools of Tibetan Buddhism, only Bönpo monks have blue on their robes.  In ancient times, Bön practitioners wore blue robes.  Bön texts are wrapped in blue cloth, the stiff top and bottom covers which protect the paper are blue, and all page edges are painted with blue ink.  Here, a sacred scripture is written on blue paper.

KA: First Tibetan Letter

ImageThe letter KA is the first letter of the Tibetan alphabet.  Although each letter has a precise way of being drawn, greater meaning is placed upon the sound and energy of the letters than their form.  The letter KA is said to have an energy that is considered masculine.

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