The Annual Retreat of the Blazing Fire Deity, Takla Mébar

The Blazing Tiger Deity, Takla Mébar

Each year on the 23rd -29th lunar days of the 9th month, the congregation of Menri Monastery in India performs the wrathful retreat of the Blazing Tiger Deity, Takla Mébar. In 2022, these lunar dates coincide with November 16th-22nd. This deity is a wrathful manifestation of Buddha Tönpa Shenrap Miwo that incinerates all negativity, illness, and obstacles. Through practicing Takla Mébar as a yidam, or commitment deity, and receiving his blessing and power through intensive retreat and mantra recitation, the practitioner’s illness and obstacles are removed, the five wisdoms arise, and one obtains the power to heal and benefit others. Performing the practice and reciting the mantra at least 100,000 bestows protection like wearing body armor.

According to his principal function, Takla Mébar is depicted in a number of different ways. His body color can be red or blue-black, with or without wings, and variously holding a golden spinning wheel, nine intertwined swords, an iron hook, a skull-cup filled with blood, a sword, or a wheel of fire.

A Takla Mebar ritual for incinerating negativity performed at the Dolpo Bön School in Dunai, Nepal

“You, the greatly wrathful Takla Mébar have an enlightened body that is majestic and blue-black in color. Your hair billows throughout the limits of the three worlds of existence. You have divine sight, stand with legs spread apart, and are open mouthed with clenched teeth. 

You subdue and liberate those who pollute and corrupt their vows. The five deities of phenomenal space are seated upon your head.  You protect the vitality and extend the life-span of Bön practitioners. You hold in your right hand a spinning wheel of fire that burns both those who have corrupted their vows and those who associate with them. You hold in your left hand a spinning, golden wheel for the activity of assisting and protecting those who have stainless vows.” 

From The concentrated Essence of the Red Razor

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  1. Sandy Schoenholtz

    So interesting, Raven.
    My birthday happens during the period of this practice. Maybe I can burn away some negativity!

  2. Emaho! And Happy Birthday! xo Raven

  3. Much gratitude, Raven. I always feel touched by the beauty of your posts, and your deep love for Bon.

  4. Thank you Robert. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the articles. Raven

  5. Breathtaking

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