Protection from the Queen of Existence

Monks at Menri Monastery dressed as the Six Manifestations of Sipé Gyalmo.

In the Yungdrung Bön tradition, the Queen of Existence Sipé Gyalmo is one of the primary protectors of the religious doctrine and its followers. She is an enlightened being who manifests in countless ways. In her Dzogku form, she manifests with a dark blue body, in a fierce stance with three faces, one hundred heads of various animals, thousands of arms holding weapons and other wrathful objects, hundreds of legs, and surrounded by unimaginable blazing flames.

Her body emanations are the six goddesses who watch over existence throughout the day and night. These manifestations are (1) the white goddess who watches over existence during dawn, (2) the golden goddess that watches during sunrise, (3) the red goddess that watches during midday, (4) the maroon goddess that watches during sunset, (5) the black goddess that watches during evening, and (6) the dark blue goddess that watches over existence during midnight.

“Especially, manifesting from the essence of space, the state of the unmoving nature of mind of Küntu Zangmo,

for the purpose of protecting the enlightened teachings of the Yungdrung Bön is the lord of the boundary between past and future, the Queen of Existence Sipé Gyalmo.

You are Dédro Sangwé Yum, the secret Mother who guides beings to bliss.

Your Body emanations are the wrathful goddesses of the six times.

Your Speech emanations are the four queens who rule over the four seasons.

Your Mind emanations are the female demons who are the nyen queens of existence.”

Excerpt from The Complete Accomplishment of Golden Libations for the Assembly of Bön Guardians and Protectors within Sacred Smoke: The Ritual Practice of Fumigation and Offering in the Yungdrung Bön Religious Tradition by Raven Cypress Wood

Her tülku manifestations appear with a dark blue body with three faces, six arms and riding either a black mule or a red mule. She can manifest in whatever way is necessary to give her protection and support.

Beginning on May 11, 2022 and continuing for one week, Menri Monastery in India will perform the extensive ritual of One Hundred Thousand Offerings to the Queen of Existence, Sipé Gyalmo. (See previous post for details: ) During this ritual, Sipé Gyalmo is requested to bestow her blessings of protection and to support the development of the spiritual practice of Bön disciples. There is still time to donate towards this profound and meaningful activity.

To make a donation towards the ritual for Sipé Gyalmo, follow this link: This is the North American center for His Eminence Menri Lopon Yangton Trinley Nyima Rinpoche. The full amount of every donation will be sent to Menri Monastery and designated for the ritual. This donation can be dedicated for those that are ill, in danger, have recently passed away, or for yourself. If you are unable to donate monetarily, by rejoicing in the donations of others and the performance of the ritual, you also receive merit. One can also participate by engaging in Sipé Gyalmo practice, mantra recitation, engaging in virtue and avoiding acts of non-virtue during the week-long ritual.

Sipé Gyalmo riding a red mule as depicted within a Yungdrung Bön text


Mother of the vast expanse of the Bönku, which is primordially pure and free from elaboration,

in order to establish the Bön teachings in the Land of Snow, 

merely by calling out to you Single Mother Sipé Gyalmo, wherever you are, 

please come!”

Excerpt from The Alphabetical Praise of the Supreme Mother Sipé Gyalmo within Sacred Smoke: The Ritual Practice of Fumigation and Offering in the Yungdrung Bön Religious Tradition by Raven Cypress Wood

Raven Cypress Wood ©All Rights Reserved. No content, in part or in whole, is allowed to be used without direct permission from the author.

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