Happy Zhang Zhung New Year!

Ceremonial dance during Himalayan Losar. Photo credit: Unknown

The 1st day of the 12th lunar month is celebrated as New Year’s Day according to the custom of the ancient land of Zhang Zhung that included a vast geographical area including Tibet and parts of Nepal and the area previously known as Persia. In 2021, this date coincides with January 14th on the Western calendar. More precisely, in 2021 the lunar calendar for the 12th month has no 1st day and begins with the 2nd lunar day. Subtracting a date or doubling a date is not uncommon in the Tibetan lunar calendar and is according to astrological calculations.

This New Year’s Day, Losar in the Tibetan language, is also known as Sonam Losar, Himalayan Losar, or Peasants Losar. It continues to be widely celebrated in Dolpo, Nepal as well as in select other regions of Tibet. Originally, it was celebrated as the beginning of the New Year throughout all of Tibet. However, the modern date that is celebrated by all Tibetans as the beginning of the new year is the 1st day of the 1st lunar month. This is the Royal New Year and in 2021 that date coincides with February 12th.

For those celebrating today as New Year’s Day it is the beginning of the Iron Elephant year.

The 1st king of the ancient land of Zhang Zhung, King Triwer Lajé.

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  1. Anneli Ranta-Meriläinen

    This is interesting blog for me.

  2. Hi Anneli! Happy Zhang Zhung New Year! Tashi Delek!
    Question: Do Bonpos have a different calendar and zodiac sign in comparison with Nepali Tibetan, Buthanesse and Chinnese? And if there is, how can I find/have access to su h information? Thanks.

  3. The Tibetan lunar calendar can differ from the Chinese lunar calendar. As for the difference between Buddhist and Bonpo, the are slight differences but mostly similar. For the Bonpo zodiac, search this site for ‘Tibetan Astrology.’ For Bonpo specific astrology, very little has been translated into English.
    Thanks for your interest in the website,
    Raven Cypress Wood

  4. Excellent photo and info.

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