The Parinirvana of Drupchen Namkha Gyaltsen


Drupchen Namkha Gyaltsen Rinpoché visiting with HE Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoché. Photo credit & copyright: Christophe Moulin 2007. Used with permission.

On the 21st day of the 12th lunar month, February 14th 2020 on the Western calendar, the greatly accomplished Yungdrung Bön yogi Drupchen Namkha Gyaltsen Rinpoché passed into nirvana at Pal Shenten Dargyé Tashi Ling Monastery in Nyarong. Drupchen Namkha Gyaltsen was a famous ascetic who lived many years in solitary retreat. On the day of his passing, auspicious signs manifested such as rainbows in the daytime sky. This news was kept secret until February 19th. And due to the current restrictions related to the prevention of spreading infectious disease, there was no traditional public gathering or presentation of offerings.

Drupchen Namkha Gyaltsen at Tsédruk Monastery. Photo credit: Unknown

Born in 1956, the accomplished dzogchen master Namkha Gyalstsen became a well-known yogi, or naljorpa, who was respected for his incredible strength and fortitude while enduring hardships. He continuously observed the vows to abstain from meat and from eating food later in the day. From the renowned Tsukpü Ösal he received the teachings and transmissions for the preliminary practices and the primary practices of meditation. He then stayed within his own hermitage at the Tsédruk monastery. His focus was mainly upon the external, internal and secret doors of Bön contained within Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen’s Five Treasuries including the practices of ngöndro, meditation, tsa lung, rushen, chulen, etc. Applying the key points of these practices, he had many experiences of accomplishment.

He continuously practiced difficult austerities. For example, he traveled to Mount Tisé (Mount Kailash) and Bönri and  performed 100 full-length prostrations during his circumambulations. Also, from 1986 until 2002, like a wounded deer, he stayed by himself in solitary retreat and completely focused his mind upon practice. He led meditation retreats for male and female yogis who showed signs of accomplishment including signs of heat. After 2002, he traveled to other remote retreat places including the hermitage of Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoché where he continued his meditation, study, and disciplined practices. The quality of his meditation and his ascetic practices become legendary.

Rainbow light appeared in the sky on the day of his passing. Photo credit: Unknown

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  1. Wow…in shock. Seeing this now. Blessings Drupchen Namkha Gyaltsen!

  2. Christophe Moulin

    I took this photo of Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak and Drupchen Namkha Gyaltsen in Tibet in 2007. My name is Christophe Moulin. Thank you to add the credit

  3. Hello Christopher, Thank you for your kind generosity in allowing use of your photo. It is much appreciated. I am now adding a credit to you as the photographer. How fortunate that you were there to witness this moment. Raven

  4. Grégoire Langouet

    Thank you for sharing this very auspicious news ! Do you know if there’s any other existing picture from the Parinirvana of Drupchen Namkha Gyaltsen ? Thank you. Grégoire

  5. Hi Gregoire, I’m glad that you enjoyed the article. Yes, there are a few other photos. But due to the coronavirus, there was no public gathering and offerings etc. So, there are much fewer photos. Raven

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