The Practice of Jamma Chenmo: The Great Loving Mother

At Menri Monastery in Dolanji, India, during the 23rd-29th of the 5th lunar month, monastery residents will be undergoing the practice of Jamma Chenmo, the Great Loving Mother. These lunar dates correspond with the Western calendar dates of July 6th-12th, 2018. Jamma Chenmo, also known as Sherap Jamma, the Wise, Loving Mother, is a fully enlightened being who is practiced as a yidam deity. There are many volumes of scriptures dedicated to her teaching and practice. From the commentary entitled The Sky Ladder of Freedom,

“She is the source of the essence of wisdom, as well as the source of the natural mind of all the Enlightened Ones.  She is the empty aspect of space in which everything is arising, everything is abiding, and everything is dissolving.  She is the essence of absolute reality.  In order to lovingly care for all sentient beings like a mother cares for her only child, she engages in supreme activity by teaching in the manner of a goddess.”  

During this seven-day retreat at the monastery, the monastic community will be performing many sessions of practice each day and accumulating a total of at least one hundred thousand recitations of Jamma’s essence mantra.

Translation Raven Cypress Wood ©2015


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  1. thewingedabyss


    The Tul ku mantra can you find the pronounciation also at Tenzin Yangton ?

    Thanks !


  2. Jose,
    I don’t understand your question. Raven

  3. thewingedabyss

    Hello Raven

    I’m posting again because I’m not sure about you getting my clarification (connection problems) .
    I asked if there is any record containing Tul Ku mantra ( the one for protection etc) correct spelling… ? Perhaps on YouTube ?


  4. Hi, I think that you are asking about the root mantra for Jamma Chenmo? Yes, it is probably online. I am not sharing it here because the transmission is needed. All the best, Raven

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