Developing Knowledge

White emanation of Mawé Senge, Lion of Exposition.

Each year in the weeks after the Tibetan New year, students at Menri Monastery in India, enter into an extended retreat for the wisdom deity Mawé Senge, Lion of Exposition. The retreat begins on the 24th lunar day of the month and concludes on the 30th lunar day. This year that coincides with the Western dates March 10 through March 17, 2018. The intention of this retreat is to develop and sharpen the student’s intellect related to their upcoming studies. The practice of Mawé Senge is performed intensely each day, and the mantra of the deity recited as much as possible, but at least one hundred thousand times.

“I go for refuge to the wisdom deity for the intellect.

I generate the supreme mind for the benefit of vigorous training in the highest wisdom.

Having compassionately purified all karmic obscurations without any exception,

please bestow the attainments of an increased intellect, useful knowledge, and a divine voice.”  

From The Short Practice of Mawé Senge

Tibetan translation: Raven Cypress Wood

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