Anniversary of the Birth of Lord Tonpa Shenrap Miwoche

The Enlightened Lord, and founder of the Yungdrung Bon religious tradition, Lord Tonpa Shenrap Miwo.

The 15th day of the 12th lunar month, January 31, 2018 in the Western calendar, is the 18,035th birth anniversary of the founder of the Yungdrung Bön tradition, the Enlightened Lord Tönpa Shenrap Miwo Künlé Nampar Gyalwa.  Already an enlightened being, Lord Tönpa Shenrap Miwoche chose to be born into this world in order to guide beings from suffering to liberation.  He was born into the royal Mu lineage in the kingdom of Tazig Olmo Lungring.

“Because of teaching everything within phenomenal existence as well as primordial existence, He is Tönpa, the teacher. Because his mind spreads out from within the space of absolute reality, He is Shen,wise. Because of arising as the highest from among the Victors and the Victors’ children, He is the rap, the highest. Because of teaching human beings, His body color and hand attributes are Mi, human. Because the 84,000 doors of Bön fall like a rain shower of teachings, He is wo, lord. Because of arising as the protector of everyone, He is Künall. Because of great recitation within the unsurpassed view, He is , within. Because of abiding within purely non-conceptual space, He is Nam, completeBecause of remaining unmoved from within that state of non-conceptual space, He is par. Because of conquering hindrances such as wrong views and demons, He is Gyal, victorious. Because of the changeless nature of these exalted qualities, He is called the omniscient, completely pure, supreme teacher, Tönpa Shenrap Miwo Künlé Nampar Gyalwa.  Thus it is said.”

~From The Sky-Ladder of Freedom: An Abridged Commentary Regarding the Meaning of the Words of the Mantric Praise of Jamma, the Deity Who Protects from All Things

Traditionally, the anniversary of his birth has been celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st month of the lunar calendar.  However, based upon research by the renowned Yungdrung Bön scholar and supreme lama, His Eminence Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, the actual date is believed to be the Full Moon day of the last month in the Tibetan lunar calendar.  This is a powerful and auspicious day for performing virtue or spiritual practice.  The benefits of these activities are greatly multiplied.

“He is the Supreme Teacher, One who has gone beyond bliss, an authentic and completely Enlightened Being, a manifested Buddha, Tönpa Shenrap Miwo.  His face is like the sun and moon and he sees throughout the ten directions.  His divine Body is so beautiful that one cannot look away.  In his right hand, he holds a golden chakshing painted with a turquoise yungdrung which shows that he is Lord of the 3,000-fold universe and Conqueror of this world system.  His left hand holds the mudra of equipoise which shows that he has destroyed the door to birth into the lower realms of cyclic existence.”

~From the sacred Yungdrung Bön scriptures

Read more about Buddha Tōnpa Shenrap Miwoche’s birth at the previous post:

All translations from the Tibetan by Raven Cypress Wood© All Rights Reserved


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