The Thirteen Bön Activities

Offering prostrations before His Eminence Menri Ponlop Yangton Thrinley Nyima Rinpoche. Photo credit: Lee Hartline.

The Thirteen Bön Activities:

  1. Writing the syllables
  2. Reading sacred books
  3. Reciting the scriptures
  4. Turning the wheel of Bön
  5. Presenting offerings and prostrations
  6. Stopping ordinary speech and maintaining silence
  7. Reflecting upon the meaning of the words
  8. Listening to the sacred teachings for one’s self
  9. Teaching the sacred teachings for others
  10. Meditating upon the actual meaning
  11. Practicing towards a goal
  12. Exerting one’s self in performing virtuous activity
  13. Exerting one’s self with the causes to obtain a precious human body

Engaging with these activities is a practice of the two accumulations of merit and wisdom.

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  1. franziska stucki

    Thank you so!
    Can I ask your Something?
    What means ,turning the wheel of bön,?
    I imagine something,but i am not shure,of its true…thank you.
    Important for me to hear this…thank you!

  2. Fraziska-the text that I translated this from did not specify what it meant by “turning the wheel of Bon”. However, in general this refers to engaging with any of the Yungdrung Bon practices rather than engaging with the concerns of cyclic existence. All the Best, Raven

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