A Prayer of Aspiration to the Root Lama

HE Menri Lopon at menri 2016 on throne

His Eminence Menri Lopon Yangton Thrinley Nyima Rinpoche

Nyima Tenzin Monlam Pecha TIB 2

A Condensed Prayer of Aspiration

I pray to the Supreme Refuge, my root lama,

During this and all my future lives,

May I directly realize the nature of my mind, free from elaboration,

And may I have the capability to continually practice without interruption!”

~Written by 25th Menri Trizen HH Nyima Tenzin Rinpoche B. 1813-D. 1875.  Translated by Raven Cypress Wood©




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  1. Hi I am admiring and enjoying all the beautiful work, photos and explanations. In year 2000 I was in Dolangi monastery and practice here in Houston, Texas, At this time I am 91-92 years old can hardly see the fine print on the computer and would love to have some of the printouts, Also my computer knowledge and finances are limited but I send a small check in the mail. Is some of thos material in some other form available? and for how mich? I made a comment but I do not know if it stayed and I put in the computer address (my late husband’s) that I am interested to follow. Menri Lopon had been in my home in Houston and my late husband had encouraged and supported him to learn English. In great appreciation Marlyse Kusik ps will need phys. address to mail small check,

  2. Dear Marlyse,

    I am very happy that you are enjoying the blog. I have sent you an email regarding your questions.

    All the best,

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