In the Language of Zhang Zhung…

Gyer in ZZ and Tib 2

The term “gyer” in both Zhang Zhung and Tibetan scripts.

The ancient land of Zhang Zhung practiced the Yungdrung Bön teachings.  The Zhang Zhung kings had their own personal Yungdrung Bön lama that would perform the necessary rituals and offer spiritual guidance.  The term used in this ancient language prior to the Tibetan word “Bön”, was “Gyer“.  “Gyer ro” referred to a lama and “Gyer pung” referred to a scholar lama who taught the scriptures.  The term “Gyer” literally translates as “to recite or to chant with a melody.”

Gyer Pungs Nangzher Lopo

The great 8th century scholar and lama of Yungdrung Bön who was the personal priest to the Zhang Zhung king and who was taught directly by an enlightened emanation is referred to in Yungdrung Bön texts as Gyer Pung Nanghzer Lopo, the Master Scholar Nangzher Lopo.

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