The Twelve Animals of Tibetan Astrology: The Sheep

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In Tibetan astrology, there is a twelve year cycle.  Each of these years is characterized by a different animal and associated with one of the five elements.  Therefore, a full cycle of the twelve animals being associated with each of the five elements takes sixty years.  The twelve animals according to the Yungdrung Bön texts are the Rat, Elephant, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Snake, Sheep, Garuda, Monkey, Dog and Pig.  Each animal is associated with a specific element for its life-force as well as a specific direction which is determined by the life-force element.  Not only are these twelve animals associated with a particular year, they are also associated with particular months, days and hours.

2015 is the year of the SheepTherefore, people born during this year would be a Sheep and would have an emphasis of the specific qualities associated with Sheep.  (This year corresponds with the Tibetan lunar calendar and began February 19, 2015.)  2015 is also governed by the element of Wood and is a female year.  So, people born during this year would be a Female Wood Sheep.  The element which governs the life-force of the Sheep is Earth and its direction is Southwest.  So, if a Sheep person wanted to strengthen their life-force, they would focus upon strengthening the element of Earth internally and externally.  The positive direction Southwest.  So, facing this direction while meditating, doing healing rituals or just relaxing and taking deep breaths is beneficial.

In general, the Sheep is considered to be a friendly and kind-hearted person who is gentle and easy-going.  Although they have a strong sense of fairness and right behavior, they are quick to forgive.  They prefer an uncomplicated life that is harmonious.  However, in the face of danger, they can be ferocious in their attempt to protect themselves or others.  They are independent thinkers but often work best as part of a team.  Sheep are often religious and can be interested in the supernatural.  Although they tend to be very creative, the creativity must have a practical purpose.  They thrive within a stable and loving relationship.

The Sheep’s soul day is Friday and the life-force day is Monday.  These are the best days for beginning new projects and activities that are meant to increase or develop something.  The obstacle day is Thursday.  This day is best for cleansing and letting things go.  It is not a favorable day for beginning new things.

Sheep years include: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, & 2003

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