Sacred Dance for the Tibetan New Year

cham at Menri Losar 2015

Yungdrung Bon monks of Menri Monastery in Dolanji, India perform sacred dances of the deities during Tibetan New Year celebrations.  Photo credit: Unknown

In the Yungdrung Bön tradition, during the 1st month of the New Year sometime between the 5th & 15th according to the lunar calendar, the one day event of cham dance is held.  Cham dance is the sacred dance of the deities.  Through dance, the protectors and other divine beings are invoked.

Ma gyud cham dance 2013

Dancers perform the sacred dance of the deities of the Mother Tantra. Photo credit: Unknown

In order to perform the dance, a qualified monk will practice once or twice each day in the month prior.  On the day of the performance, protectors and deities such as Sipe Gyalmo, Mi Dü, Blue Dzambhala, and certain deities of the Mother Tantra, are invoked.  Lay people and villagers make a special effort to attend these dance performances in order to receive the blessing and healing of the deities.

yeshe Walmo Dancer at Menri 2

A monk invokes the enlightened protector Yeshe Walmo through dance. Photo credit: Unknown


snow lion dance at Menri 2013

Monks performing the snow lion dance. Photo credit: Unknown

Later in the day, more playful and entertaining dances are performed for the audience such as the Snow Lion Dance and the Deer Dance.

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