Raising Lungta

Prayer flags and lungta papers at a mountain top. Photo credit: Unknown.

The literal meaning of lungta is windhorse.  Lungta refers to each individual’s positive force of good fortune and luck.  Due to causes and conditions, this force can be increased or become weakened.  An example of someone with strong lungta is a person who seems to succeed effortlessly at whatever they do, the kind of person who is always at the right place at the right time.  For this person, their lungta is very high.  There are many ways to strengthen and raise one’s lungta.  One method is to hang prayer flags.  Another is to go to a high, open place and to toss ‘lungta papers’ into the air.  These papers are of the five colors of the five elements and are printed with mantras and an image of the windhorse.  At one time, the horse was the fastest possible method of traveling.  Its image represents the speed with which one prays that their lungta will rise and increase.  Also, each individual’s lungta is associated with one of the five elements according to the year in which they were born.  If a person’s lungta is associated with the Fire Element, they can reinforce their lungta in a simple way by wearing the color red or by hanging red prayer flags.

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  1. Few days ago someone asked me what is the meaning of those colorful flags, but I wasn’t completely sure about it. Without knowing much about it, I guessed that it was for the purpose of happiness. Thank you for sharing the real meaning of these flags 🙂

  2. This is a gorgeous photo! Could I ask how one finds out one’s birth-year element?

  3. Use the chart from this link. If your birth date is near the date of the Tibetan New Year which will be somewhere between the end of Jan and the beginning of March, then you need to find the exact date of the Tibetan New Year for your birth year in order to determine which year you were born into. Iron=Space, Wood=Air.

  4. I am hoping to do this ceremony with friends is there a certain number of printed paper we need go toss? Are there dos and Don’ts in performing this ritual?

  5. Please email me at rcw108@gmail.com and I will answer in that way. Thank you.

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