Victory for the Positive Forces


This is an image of all of the Eight Auspicious Symbols combined.  Most of the preparation, prayers, offerings, and traditions of Losar have as their intention the uplifting and increasing of positive energy for the individual and community throughout the year.  One well-known prayer which accompanies an elaborate offering to ensure harmony with the external forces concludes with the line, “The positive forces are victorious!”

In order to have a year of health, harmony and abundance, it is also important to remain mindful of our behavior and intent towards others.  It is said that in order to protect and strengthen one’s health, it is important to cultivate patience and kindness rather than anger.  In order to protect and strengthen one’s wealth, it is important to be generous rather than greedy.  And in order to protect and strengthen one’s life-span, it is important to protect the life-span of other beings rather than damage or destroy it.  This benefits not only this very lifetime, but also the circumstances of our future lives.  In that way, the positive forces within us are truly victorious.

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