Essence Mantra above the Door

Heart Mantra above the Door

Within the Nine Ways, there are three heart mantra which collectively contain the essence of all of the Yungdrung Bön teachings. Within Tibetan society, one of these mantra being displayed above the doorway indicates that the family are Yungdrung Bön practitioners.

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  1. Birgitte Saravanja (Gitte)

    I already left a message for you on Facebook – but likely have found my answer here.
    I looked at the internet link also for Yungdrung Bön Monastery of Triten Norbutse near Kathmandu, Nepal – to see if they indeed did show anything about having items for sale/donations but did not find any.
    So if you have any knowledge if they do make these for purchase/donations – I would appreciate you advising me.
    Thank you
    Gitte Saravanja

  2. Hello Birgitte,
    No, the monastery does not make these nor sell them. For something carved in wood such as this, you would likely need to find a carver in Nepal. However, in order to receive the blessings of walking under the mantra through the doorway, it need not be carved in wood.

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